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Volume Number (issue)

Volume 29, Number 2
Ronald Wesley Hoag’s “All that Glitters
is Not Mark Twain: The Strange Case of the Riverdale ‘3’”
Mark Twain forgeries abound today, and this article recounts how easily people were hoodwinked by imitations of Twain�s handwriting in a set of his works. Includes pointers about detecting spurious association items.

Volume 44, Numbers 1/2
Kevin Mac Donnell's "Stormfiled: A Virtual Tour" (68 pages of annotated photographs and maps of Stormfield's environs). A beautiful keepsake of Clemens's last home.

Volume 42, Number 2
Alan Gribben and Gretchen Sharlow’s
“Mark Twain’s Travel Trunk:
An Impromptu Notebook”

Volume 40, Number 1
Issue devoted to
“Mark Twain in South Africa”

Volume 39, Number 2
Issue devoted to Barbara Schmidt’s
“The Life and Art of True W. Williams”
(Mark Twain’s most prominent early

Volume 37, Numbers 1/2
Issue devoted to Cyril Clemens,
founder of the
Mark Twain Journal.

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