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  All roads in Mark Twain scholarship lead back to Hannibal, Missouri, it would seem. Volume 48 focuses on how the town has been represented. British-born artist John Stobart painted "Hannibal, a View from Mark Twain's Boyhood Home" in 1979 after a visit to the town. His interview with the Mark Twain Journal leads into Jeffrey Melton's essay on "Mark Twain and the Middle Landscape in Paint and Print," an examination of scenic subjects and artistic techniques. Mark Valentine's "Mark Twain Novels and Ned Buntline's Wildcat Literature" touches upon Buntline's visit to Hannibal when Clemens was fifteen years old. Buntline's novel was mentioned by Tom Sawyer as an inspiration for his play and pranks. Matthew D. Klauza evaluates Twain's numerous returns to Hannibal in "Mark Twain, Homesickness, and Hannibal," including his last visit in 1902.

  Kevin Mac Donnell comments on an 1882 photo of Mark Twain's boyhood home and two panoramic views of the Hannibal that Twain likely saw during his visits. Peter Salwen recounts Clemens's stay in Maine after that final 1902 visit to Hannibal. Salwen evokes a poignant interlude through personal correspondence by Clemens's daughter Jean and sister-in-law Susan Crane and includes two characteristic observations Clemens left behind from this visit.

  The Mark Twain Journal mourns the passing of Howard G. Baetzhold of Butler University. He and his wife Nancy were gracious friends to many scholars.

  Beginning with this issue, MTJ will list and briefly describe books received. We encourage MTJ subscribers to join the Mark Twain Circle, membership in which includes a print copy of the Mark Twain Annual.



1882 photograph of
Twain's boyhood home


View of Hannibal
from College Hill


View of Hannibal
from Lover's Leap

(Photographs Courtesy of
Kevin Mac Donnell, Austin, Texas)

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