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      More than half a century ago Richard Altick's The Scholar Adventurers (1950) celebrated the kinds of breakthrough discoveries that bibliographic sleuthing occasionally makes possible. KEVIN MAC DONNELL favors the Mark Twain Journal with just that type of bombshell revelation, this one deducing exactly how and when Samuel Clemens reached a firm decision to adopt "Mark Twain" as his pen name. We are proud and grateful to be the venue Mac Donnell chose to announce his notable finding. Facsimile illustrations from Mac Donnell's large collection of Twainiana assist readers in recalling how successfully Mark Twain promoted his brand name once he found it in Carson City, Nevada.

This volume closes the chapter on THOMAS A. TENNEY's invaluable listings of books and articles about Mark Twain. Here is the incomplete (but still useful) supplement on which he was working at the time of his death in February 2012.

BRONX STANFIELD surveys the various approaches that Mark Twain biographers have taken to the awkward subject of Isabel V. Lyon and her dismissal as his longtime private secretary. At least four narrative tendencies are apparent.




The "Mark Twain" brand endured
in this 1913 cigar label.

(Courtesy of Kevin Mac Donnell)



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