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Farewells (2017)



Victor A. Doyno
HF Scholar


Thomas K. Meier,
President, Elmira College


Jack Rosenbalm
SAH Editor


Margaret Tenney
Wife of Thomas Tenney,
second editor of the MTJ


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55 Spring and Fall 2017


Barbara Schmidt
Legacy Scholar


Aaron and Adam Nee,
writers and directors


Band of Robbers (2015)
"Tom and Huck are all grown up. Sort of . . ."


Mark Twain's Joan of Arc
is the subject of two essays.


Sandra Hedicke Clark's original drawings for Peter Mires's essay about "Mark Twain and Architecture" are charming.


Ina Coolbrith, poet

Book Reviews


R. Kent Rasmussen
Critical Insights: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Tracy Wuster
Mark Twain: American Humorist


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