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      The Mark Twain Journal is a twice-yearly periodical devoted to the life and works of the American author Mark Twain, drawing where possible on contemporary sources. The Journal also explores his family and social relationships as well as his literary and intellectual connections.

Founded in 1936 by Cyril Clemens (editor, 1936-1982), the eclectic Mark Twain Journal is one of the oldest American journals devoted to a single author. Its second editor, Dr. Thomas A. Tenney, oversaw it from 1983-2009. The current editor is Dr. Alan Gribben. A national editorial board advises the editors about policies and submissions. The Mark Twain Journal receives assistance from the Mark Twain Foundation.


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Dr. Alan Gribben
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Dr. Irene Wong
Managing Editor

Dr. Joseph Lemak
Executive Editor

Nathaniel Ball
Consulting Editor

Dr. Joe B. Fulton
Contributing Editor

Dr. James S. Leonard

Editorial Board

Dr. Joseph Csicsila
Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Judith Yaross Lee
Ohio University

Kevin B. Mac Donnell
Austin, Texas

Dr. Jeffrey A. Melton
University of Alabama

Dr. Linda A. Morris
University of California, Davis

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